Infographic: Mobile Marketing – No Longer a Spam & Pop-Up World

The face of marketing is changing and adapting as society becomes more and more technology-dependent. Mobile is now the first screen of influence for many marketers while adults are spending more time on mobile media than newspapers and magazines. The infographic below (from Top Marketing Schools) shows how mobile marketing has evolved throughout the ages.

Mobile Marketing: No Longer a Spam & Pop-up World
Source: Mobile Marketing: No Longer a Spam & Pop-up World

SMS Prevails on Smartphones

A recent survey by Upstream highlighted consumers’ attitudes towards mobile marketing. The survey indicated that although there are a plethora of mobile marketing options available, 75 percent of smartphone users prefer to receive notifications via SMS.

Other interesting findings from the survey include:

  • 51 percent of smartphone owners prefer receiving offers concerning mobile products only (upgrade plan, top-up discounts, etc).
  • 83 percent of respondents indicated they are only open to receiving notifications up to twice a month
  • 72 percent would change providers if they received third party ads

For more details you can view the mobile marketing infographic.

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