FDIC Outlines Top 10 Online Resources for Consumers

This week, theFederal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) honored National Consumer Protection Week by sharing 10 online resources to keep consumers safe while managing their finances. In an era where “Googling” reliable information is standard, the FDIC wants to ensure that consumers are getting practical and dependable tips to help avoid fraud while managing their bank accounts.

A few of the resources offered by the FDIC include:

  • Bank Find: Our online directory that consumers can use to locate an FDIC-insured institution, learn what happened to a bank that changed names or no longer exists, and more.
  • Small Business Web Page: Useful information for small businesses, especially regarding access to loans, plus an online form to ask the FDIC a question or register a concern.
  • Foreclosure Prevention Toolkit: A Web page that provides easy access to helpful information for homeowners on avoiding foreclosure and foreclosure “rescue” scams.

To read the remainder of the tips, visit the FDIC.

What does your FI do to inform customers about the danger of online fraud? Let us know in the comments section below.

Consumers Use Mobile Devices to Call Toll Free

A recent IDC Financial Insights survey found respondents interact with their financial institution using their mobile device, however not for the reasons many may think.

The majority of respondents used their mobile device to call into their bank’s toll-free number. The breakdown can be seen in the graph below:

With new statistics surfacing every day surrounding mobile banking, the IDC survey showed consumers primarily use their mobile devices to make phone calls. The data also indicated age was not a huge factor when determining whether an individual dialed toll-free – across all demographics, the toll-free number was the preferred way to interact with their financial institution using a mobile device.

Additional insight on the survey can be found here. Are you remembering to think of all the possible channels to reach your customers, even the most basic?