Mobile Banking Engagement: Data from Digital Insight

Digital Insight has been conducting a comprehensive and ongoing study of financial institution customers. From these studies, the company has been able to provide a deeper view of banking customer behavior across several categories, such as mobile and online banking. In this first post, we examine mobile banking statistics and how they both impact and benefit financial institutions. Below are key findings from the study, and you can view a more in-depth analysis here.

We will be publishing data on additional topics in the coming months, so stay tuned via *For information on the on the methodology used for the study you can download the PDF


  1. Lisa LaMagna says:

    More people have smart phones than have laptops and desktops (at least, more people 18 to 30). My view is that future success will depend on:

    o frictionless onboarding — making it easy for people to sign up with their smartphone
    o engaging user experience — apps will become more elegant
    o holsitic view of financial health — personalized information beyond “Balances and Bills”

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