Infographic: Online Banking Raises Security Concerns

ZoneAlarm has released an infographic on the security concerns related to online banking. With the prevalence of using online tools for everyday tasks such as banking, consumers need to be aware of how to protect their online assets. According to the infographic, banking is one of the six most commonly performed online activities. Banking comes in at number two, under online shopping, and a few percentage points above using the Internet for social networking.

Via Column Five for ZoneAlarm

Do the statistics in this infographic mirror what your customers and members are saying about online banking security, and what types of devices they are using to store data? Let us know in the comments section below or Tweet @bankingdotcom.


  1. Thanks for this helpful post. Internal financial savings on the web consumer banking will be getting increasingly positive since World Wide Web program is now more widespread between folks throughout the world as a result of option of broadband World Wide Web as well as the improving personal computer literacy between folks on earth.

  2. Petruz Ellis says:

    Thanks for sharing this information, it really is a concern for people to be aware of security systems of banks. Not only the citizens who have money in their banks but also to bank owners that could lead to a problem in the future. Great information, this is a good way for people to be knowledgeable enough of what is happening regarding security concerns in online banking.


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