The World’s Most Innovative Companies: Where Are the Financial Institutions?

Forbes recently released its list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, aiming to answer the question, “Which leading-edge corporations are most likely to succeed now and in the future?”

The list, which is based on an eight-year study, used a unique methodology to calculate the companies that made the final cut. Rather than ask executives to vote on which companies should appear, factors such as financial performance, investors’ bids on stock prices and expectations of future results (new products, services, markets) determined the companies on the list.

Tech giants such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Oracle, Intuit and Salesforce were on the list, as well as consumer facing companies Starbucks, PepsiCo and Hershey.  One sector without a large presence on this list: financial institutions. You can view the complete list here.

As the staff read through the list, we wondered, why aren’t there more financial institutions on this list? What are your thoughts? Leave us a message in the comments section below.


  1. Things like Mortgage Backed Securities and Credit Default Swaps were pretty innovative. I also think the (punitive, unfair) Overdraft service many banks had were extremely innovative.

    The reality is that banks *ARE* innovative. They just don’t give a rip about consumers. They innovate in ways that are good for themselves, not their customers. Until that mindset shifts, I wouldn’t expect much in the way of innovation that benefits the general public. All the innovative energy they have seems to be directed at improving their bottom line and shareholder performance.

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